The Cocoon Steampot

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This Cocoon Steampot is a transformative vessel for healthful fare. Designed by Masato Yamamoto, the sleek three-piece ceramic and nylon unit suitably cooks fish, meat, and vegetables on a flat plate colander resting atop a bowl of boiling water. In choosing to steam instead of frying, roasting, and the like, foodies can rest assured their produce will not metamorphosize into unrecognizable mush while ensuring minimal vitamin and mineral loss, with no oil required. The pot is microwave, dishwasher, and direct fireā€“safe, and the domed lid easily doubles as a bowl. Trust the Cocoon to coddle everything from carrots to kohlrabi. The Cocoon Steampot is available at Homewerx.


Post Date:

December 17, 2013