Roger Dubuis Excalibur Round Table Watch

The timepiece.

Technical prowess and art combine in this limited edition (88 pieces only) watch. The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Round Table is a rare treasure characterized by bold design and deliberate extravagance. The 12 Knights of the Round Table are reproduced as 7-millimetre high three-dimensional figures cast in gold, and hand-sculpted in high detail. The Table itself is made of Grand Feu enameling, and is placed at the centre of the dial. The Arthurian legend is continued on the plain gold case back, with Arthur’s coat of arms rendered in blue lacquer and gold crowns; the legendary oath is engraved around the watch’s perimeter. Since many Arthurian adventures were initiated at the Round Table, you can of course begin your own, wearing this dynamic timepiece.


Post Date:

February 16, 2015