Beauty Cabinet: Winter 2014

Beauty products to behold.

Four selections from the skin-care arsenal of Dr Roebuck’s.


Polish is unique in its dualism—both a mask and a scrub in one. In the jar its texture is like whipped cream frosting, fluffy and light, though studded with curious little grains (jojoba). Applied, these expand softly into jelly-like spheres (like chia seeds) and non-abrasively buffer skin as the mask is washed off. Try it in the shower—skin glows.


Pure is the Dr Roebuck’s original, the heart of the family formula, defined by its ability to soothe. A small dab melts satisfyingly when massaged into the face at night, expect deep moisture delivered by morning.


Face is a smooth, viscous face cream that applies with an easy glide. It is doctored with a few more elements than Pure, namely antioxidant rosehip and macadamia oils, and the scent is lightly lavender. The cream sits primly beneath makeup and targets visibly dry spots.


Tone’s sharp citric note evokes drinkability, thanks to energizing grapefruit oil. Upon application, expect effervescent tingles that subside as skin settles comfortably (never tightly). Adopt a routine of applying a cotton-swab of this refreshing, balancing toner every evening.

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Post Date:

February 20, 2015