Daniela Villegas for Salvatore Ferragamo


It is easy to envy birds.

To be up in the air, breathing it in, among the clouds—it’s a feeling humans can only conjure up in imagination. But birds, they live it every day. For this reason, there is a freedom to the wild bird that is truly unparalleled. And now, to revel in and explore that true sovereignty, Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo has partnered with Mexico-born, Los Angeles-based jewellery designer Daniela Villegas for the second time.

The Daniela Villegas for Salvatore Ferragamo collection, available as of April 2016, utilizes bird imagery to discover the ways in which we define liberty for ourselves. Elegant and playful, the selection employs parrots, parakeets, and birds of paradise in sterling silver matched with gems including purple Amethyst and green Topaz. Made up of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, the collection pays homage to the wildlife seen on silk scarves and the Ars shoe created in the ‘50s by Salvatore Ferragamo himself. Reimagined and incorporating the iconic Ferragamo Gancio insignia, Daniela Villegas for Salvatore Ferragamo nods to the fashion house’s past and humbly peeks from its perch, eyes darting for what comes next.

As the fantastical birds soar from their cages, we are reminded to take deep breaths, to feel the wind against our skin—even if does mean doing so from the ground. If ever we want to touch the clouds, too, all we have to do is reach up.


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Post Date:

May 2, 2016