Fendi Vancouver Made to Order

One of a kind.

A favourite accessory or garment’s personal value to the wearer is perhaps only lessened when the same piece is seen on the body of another. We all want to have something special, something unique—and Fendi wants to offer it to us.

The Italian brand is bringing two exclusive made to order experiences to Holt Renfrew Vancouver’s Fendi shop-in-shop with the aim of giving each buyer her ideal piece. The Made to Order Handbag Event, taking place from Nov. 3 to 7, allows customers to create a unique Peekaboo bag with over 100 customization options, including mink handles, jewels, engraved tags, exclusive crocodile skin colours, and the ability to mix and match materials. Live sketching will enable patrons to work directly with Fendi’s Rome design team, making this the first leather goods made to order program of this scale offered in the Americas. Once the vision has been realized, guests walk away with an artful sketch of what their future bag will look like.

Then from Dec. 14 to 17, the Fendi Fur Made to Order Event will see shoppers turn their softest dreams into realities. Choose between a vest, coat, fitted coat, and parka, then work with Fendi’s designers to choose up to two colours of mink, an optional belt colour, and personalized tag. Fendi fur pieces are created with whole skins, and every pelt is lengthily inspected before it is utilized for an item of clothing.

Perfect as a holiday gift to a lover or to yourself, these individualized pieces are sure to turn heads. And nobody else will have one quite like yours.

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Post Date:

October 25, 2016