Goop Pop-In@Nordstrom

What would Gwyneth do?

When Gwyneth Paltrow launched Goop, her wellness newsletter that quickly turned into a multi-faceted lifestyle and e-commerce website, in 2008, it was met with either jeers or cheers. There were scandals aplenty over the years, sure—the $125,000 dumbbells and jade eggs worth blushing over come to mind. Still, Goop taps into a particular (and rampant) cultural zeitgeist: mind and body in fashionable harmony. Paltrow has amassed a legion of dedicated followers in the thousands of women who also would rather do many things than eat cheese from a spray can.

Nordstrom’s latest Pop-In@Nordstrom features Goop’s best-selling items, and will undoubtedly have faithful readers’ credit cards standing at the ready. Appearing in eight select locations in North America, including our own Nordstrom Pacific Centre, the pop-up shop (taking place from May 12 to June 25, 2017) brings in an array of Goop goods, such as Paltrow’s favourite Moon Juice Beauty Dust, and ready-to-use kombucha culture. Local aromatherapy brand Vitruvi is part of the offering of top-sellers as well, its essential oils and ceramic diffuser officially Goop-approved.

In addition to the wellness-themed items, the pop-in also features branded accessories and apparel (the “Goop University” sweatshirt is a sure sell-out item) as well as home decor items, and vintage furniture curated by Vancouver interior designer Jamie Pryde. Paltrow’s best-selling cookbooks are available, too, and feature well thought-out and executed recipes—a far cry from so many other celebrity cookbooks. Consider it all an opportunity to drink the Goop Kool-Aid. Or in this case, kombucha.

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Post Date:

May 13, 2017