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How to Say Something With Your Scent

There are few things more personal than scent. Politics might come close, then religion. But whether you like woodsy (masculine, strong), floral (feminine) or citrus notes (somewhere in between), your choices can reflect everything from your upbringing (your mother’s Chanel No. 5) to your mood (shy or sexy) to your personality (sassy or sweet). Whatever you’d like to say about yourself, here are a few new scents that will speak volumes:

Sunkissed Hibiscus by Nest Fragrances

Image courtesy of Nest Fragrances.

Launched just this month, Nest Fragrances’ new Sunkissed Hibiscus centres floral scents with notes of frangipani and orange blossom enveloped in warm golden amber. You’re footloose and fancy-free; for you, spring has sprung, despite Vancouver’s long-term forecast.

Homme Eau de Toilette by Dior

Image courtesy of Dior.

The just-released Dior Homme Eau de Toilette exhibits bergamot, peppercorn, elemi, patchouli heart and musk mixed with Atlas cedar and other woody tones for a masculine ethos that means business. There’s sensual sophistication in there, but a warmth too; this is a modern man who’s confident in both his strength and tenderness.

Guilty Love by Gucci

Image courtesy of Gucci.

This season’s Gucci Guilty Love Edition Pour Homme and Pour Femme are two limited-edition scents dedicated to eccentric lovers. Gucci Homme is characterized in vibrant cold spices, citrus and enigmatic masculine woods, while Gucci Femme shines with top notes of mandora—a fruit found on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus—smoothed out by natural bergamot and pink pepper with a base note of patchouli. The wearer of either of these two scents is all about celebrating contemporary love, self-expression, and fearlessness.

Chance Perfume Pencils by Chanel

Image courtesy of Chanel.

Chanel’s Perfume Pencils arrive in four different variations on its iconic Chance scent, allowing the wearer to tap into a multitude of moods in one swipe of the solid stick. Feeling optimistic? There’s the pink pepper and amber patchouli of Chance; get energized with the citron and teak wood of Eau Fraîche; feel soft and tender with the jasmine and rose of Eau Tendre; and then get a boost with the grapefruit and blood orange of Eau Vive. With each one, you’re a playful and whimsical sort of person, keen on innovation.

Floral Oud Saffron Flower by Eric Buterbaugh

Image courtesy of Eric Buterbaugh

After a career in fashion working with Versace and Valentino, Eric Buterbaugh decamped to Los Angeles and became a floral designer. Steeped in scent daily, his next step was to launch a fragrance, and with that the Eric Buterbaugh Los Angeles range was born with 12 floral fragrances and five floral oud fragrances including the new Floral Oud Saffron Flower with honey and oriental ambery drydown. With this scent, you’re a risk taker, open to new things.

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Post Date:

February 26, 2020