Jimmy Choo Vancouver

Best feet forward.

It’s opening day at Jimmy Choo’s first Vancouver boutique, and the small service team is buzzing with excitement. There is a palpable energy in the air as they take a group photo in front of the heavy glass doors and put the final touches in place: a tweak here, a nudge there. By and large, though, the store is ready for its customers; each shoe is placed just so, each extravagantly beautiful creation displayed and ready to be taken home and worn to parties, weddings, happy hours, business meetings.

As far as luxury footwear goes, Jimmy Choo is one of the greats. Started by Choo himself (though he is no longer involved in the brand) in 1996 in London, it has come to represent femininity, opulence, and confidence—qualities reflected in the new 1,564-square-foot Vancouver space.

With accents of Italian marble, metal, and brass mixed in with a subdued yet classic colour palette and custom furniture made of suede and mohair, the location represents the first of a new boutique design concept created by New York’s Christian Lahoude Studio. Of course, the setting is merely a backdrop for the products available here, which range from the brand’s vast and iconic stiletto collection to its coveted handbags, fragrances, and sunglasses.

Special to the Vancouver store is a Lockett Petite purse that is only available in North America here; a red version of the brand’s beloved (and Swarovski crystal-covered) Cinderella Edit heel debuts here as well, though it will be obtainable at Jimmy Choo stores worldwide. Those looking for something a little more personal can also make use of the boutique’s made-to-order program, crafting an accessory that encompasses their unique traits.

The brand, which was purchased by Michael Kors in 2017, is proudly bold and adventurous in a modern world that seems too often inclined to veer towards the minimal. Like the women its shoes and bags are designed for, Jimmy Choo is sure of itself, reliable yet innovative, and unequivocally beautiful.

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Post Date:

May 29, 2018