La Biosthétique Cheveux Longs

Crowning glory.

A woman’s hair is commonly referred to as her “crowning glory”, and indeed, there is an innate femininity associated with long tresses. But growing your hair—should you choose to embark on such a Rapunzel-worthy quest—is no easy feat. According to Parisian beauty company La Biosthétique, 55 per cent of women already have long hair (chin-length or longer) but are unable to continue the growth process due to poor hair health and the amount of maintenance required. Luckily, the brand’s Cheveux Longs line is here to aid in strand growth and preservation.

The collection’s seven products include restorative ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for moisture, argan oil for shine, native oil from the sacha inchi nut that protects against UV damage and supplies omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and South American yacón root extract (in the Intensive Spa Mask) for a vitamin boost. Additionally, the product range’s soft scent, a blend of fresh fruit and balsamic, was developed by perfume designer Geza Schön.

While La Biosthétique’s approach to beauty tends towards the holistic, the company commissioned strict scientific tests during product development to evaluate Cheveux Longs’ performance; findings showed that use of the product line doubled shine and softness, reduced hair breakage by up to 90 per cent, and minimized damage. The hair care collection consists of a hydrating shampoo and intensive mask, hydrating fluid and oil, detangling spray, repairing serum, and powerful activating lotion for accelerated hair growth.


Post Date:

April 28, 2014