Michael Kors Men’s Edmonton

Let’s hear it for the boys.

In October 2017, New York brand Michael Kors announced the installment of its first Michael Kors Men’s store in Canada. Located in West Edmonton Mall, the 1,895-square-foot space is adjacent to the already-established Michael Kors lifestyle store. This creates cohesion between the men’s and women’s offerings, and renders the Michael Kors label a standout amid the hectic environment of Alberta’s largest shopping centre.

The new men’s boutique boasts a sleek, modern aesthetic. Stainless steel displays complement dark wood finishes and matte-black accents. Cool tone lighting contrasts the warmth of the women’s space next door, and creates a contemporary masculine vibe that is exclusive to the men’s boutique. Cracked geodes and large crystals line the shelves, nodding to the variety of textures and materials distributed throughout, including luxe leathers and patterned fabrics. A series of black and white photographs add to the refined, monochromatic ambiance, and reflect the brand’s sophisticated style. Finally, clean white walls and subtle marble details create a sense of order inside, allowing shoppers to easily take in the broad assortment of apparel.

The atmosphere of the store is tailored to its Canadian clientele: men who need fashion items that can easily transition from professional environments to more casual—even sporty—venues. As such, shoppers can expect to find everything from athletic wear, to on-trend turtlenecks and dress shirts, to puffy winter jackets, all in a neutral colour palate of soft greys, blues, and browns that ensure each garment remains timeless. The store also carries the Michael Kors Men’s fragrance line, as well as an array of accessories such as shoes, belts, eyewear, wallets, briefcases, and leather bags. In the centre, one can find a sparkling display of watches, including the brand’s line of Smartwatches, which blend the classic timepiece concept with a high-tech touch-screen face.

This Michael Kors concept store meets a need in Edmonton, where easily-accessible luxury men’s shopping can be difficult to track down. It is a one-stop-shop where consumers can find a new and completed look, whether it be for the office or the street. The accessibility of the brand’s adjoining men’s and women’s stores also feels appropriate in the setting of West Edmonton Mall, which serves as a shopping hub for locals and visitors alike. The shopping centre features more than 800 stores across 5.3 million square-feet, and is Alberta’s leading tourist attraction, with approximately 30 million visitors annually. As a result, while the Michael Kors Men’s store may be the first of its kind in the country, its location means it has the potential to serve a wide variety of clients from around the world.

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Post Date:

November 21, 2017