Michael Kors Rory Capsule Collection

Ruled by the sun.

For the astrology-obsessed, life is all about following the (zodiac) signs. And this season, especially for Leos, the stars have predicted a very fashionable future thanks to Michael Kors.

A warm, action-oriented Leo himself, Kors has launched a new capsule collection of watches, handbags, and footwear celebrating the astrological sign. Appropriately called Rory, the assortment of accessories features a lion head motif wearing, naturally, Kors’s signature aviator sunglasses (Leos are ruled by the sun, after all).

Available in August 2018 in Michael Kors stores worldwide (including two in Vancouver and others throughout the Lower Mainland), the collection gives Leos the chance to get their claws on various products, from backpacks to pumps. The ready-to-wear horoscope for the closet is playful and full of personality, just like a Leo. Rock these fierce pieces with confidence, and let the whole world hear that roar.

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Post Date:

August 1, 2018