Nick Youngquest


Nick Youngquest is not hard to look at. Broad-shouldered, evidently muscular, with long eyelashes framing electric eyes, the Australian athlete-turned-model barely has to breathe and the camera loves him. But Youngquest, who had a successful rugby career most notably with the Castleford Tigers before turning to modelling, is using his fame for a different kind of endorsement gig.

“I’ve never really defined being a champion as being number one. For me it’s always been about using my platform to try to support causes or advocate for things that I’ve believed in, and that’s what I’ve always tried to do through sport, and that’s what I’m still trying to do now with this platform,” Youngquest says, referring to his role as the face of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus cologne, seated inside a suite at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. “I think that’s the biggest thing about being a champion, for me. Sometimes these days you don’t see the most successful athletes doing as much as they can outside of their sports; many do, but there are some of the big ones who are not going to be bothered with it.”

Youngquest, now based in New York, has long been vocal about LGBQT+ and youth rights, and often runs marathons and half-marathons to raise money for organizations and causes he supports. It’s admirable and important for someone in his position to speak openly about today’s issues.

Between his professional rugby success and his compassion, Youngquest is something of the ideal spokesperson for Paco Rabanne’s Invictus; the fragrance, after all, comes in a spray bottle shaped like a trophy. “I think it was the perfect fit of being serious and having that aspect masculinity, and also the sensuality and the humorous side,” Youngquest says of why the brand and scent were a good match for him. New to the range is Invictus Intense, a more powerful potion of amber, malt, and wood—it’s the smell of confidence. (Also launching in May 2017 is Paco Rabanne’s Olympea Intense, an updated take on the sweet and mystical women’s perfume made with vanilla, white pepper, and orange flower.)

Youngquest is also a certified yoga teacher, and leads classes in New York when he isn’t on the road. Those who sign up to learn from him can rest assured that they’re getting so much more than a pretty face.

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Post Date:

April 26, 2017