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This Spring’s Style Will Put a Bounce in Your Freshly Vaccinated Step

This time last year, we were all in lockdown with grey hair aggressively taking root as we sat around in sweats (or, worse, whatever we woke up in). Liquor store runs were deemed “outings” and Zoom became a household word.

But this year is looking a little different. With first doses in hand and full vaccinations in the wings, we can practically taste what a post-COVID landscape will look like.

While relaxed clothing is here to stay, it will lose its Grizzly Adams vibe. Spring fashion 2021 is stitched together with an exuberance that elevates our basics into exhilarating wear that puts a spring in our step. Here are my picks to emerge from our lairs refreshed, ready to savour the lighter moments ahead.

DiorSignature S1U Sunglasses

Although the sun can’t shine every day, you’ll at least be prepared when it does pop out with the new DiorSignature S1U sunglasses. Made in Italy, these oversized sunnies recall old Hollywood glamour with a black acetate frame that plays with volume and curves for a graphic effect.

DiorSignature S1U Sunglasses

Image courtesy of Dior.

In keeping with rolling out good news, the frames in their current form offer 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection, but they can also be adapted for prescription lenses. You can even try your eyewear on virtually before you buy them online at Dior.

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Chanel 2021/22 Cruise Collection

I’ve spent so much time at home this past year I’ve half forgotten how to dress (like the time I accidentally wore slippers to Starbucks). But Look 55 from Chanel’s 2021/22 Cruise Collection perfectly straddles my “I want to stay comfy” approach to dressing moving forward, while successfully marrying it with my conflicting “I want to burn my sweatpants” maxim.

Chanel Spring 2021/22 Cruise Collection

Image courtesy of Chanel.

Brilliantly channeling the trifecta of Helen Roper, Palm Springs chic, and punk heroine, the outfit covers an all-things-to-all-people vibe in shorts, halter, and flowing robe.

This sophisticated, updated mumu-inspired ensemble is thanks to Chanel’s creative director Virginie Viard, who was inspired by Chanel’s close friend Jean Cocteau—“because the simplicity, the precision and the poetry of Cocteau’s film made me want to create a very clean collection, with a very distinct two-tone made up bright white and deep black.”

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Rouge Hermès Limited Edition Lipsticks

My beauty routine is also ready for a spring refresh. After being makeup-free for more than a year, I’m pretty sure I won’t be looking to layer on a pancake face anytime soon. The happy medium is to just use lipstick—it’s strong enough to be an accessory in its own right (red! watermelon!), but subtle enough to still feel au naturel (nude, pink).

Image courtesy of Hermès.

Hermès’ limited-edition spring shades are up to the task in Beige Ebloui, Rose Oasis and Corail Aqua. In a shimmering satin finish, the three lipsticks release colour in perfect refillable shades: Beige Ebloui in amber; Rose Oasis in “part-bougainvillea, part succulent plant”; and Corail Aqua in vermillion.

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Aquazzura So Dream Slide Sandals

Here’s my quandary: when I step out of my literal and figurative comfort zone post-lockdown, will I be wearing stilettos? No. Not because my slippers have practically grafted themselves to my feet, but because I’ve enjoyed not having any lower back pain—not to mention being able to get from A to B (A: grocery store to B: liquor store) in one fell swoop. But when the time comes, how do I find something that feels like a slipper, but looks like a sculpture?

Aquazzura So Dream Slide Sandals

Image courtesy of Aquazzura.

Enter the So Dream shearling sandals by Aquazzura. Crafted in Italy, these flat slide sandals with leather sole are fully lined in soft shearling and spell “Dream” when paired side-by-side, because a girl can dream, right? And I’m pretty sure they’d make any podiatrist proud too.

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Linen Weekender bag by Lover Fighter 

Soon, a weekend away won’t be the stuff of legend. But how best to prepare for the moment when we can finally head to a breezy local getaway without highway check-stops and cancelled ferries?

Local leather handbag designer Joanna Baxter of Lover Fighter offers the perfect weekend bag—small enough for a few days away, but roomy enough to pack for both mountain and ocean adventure.

Linen Weekender bag by Love Fighter 

Image courtesy of Lover Fighter.

The 21” long Weekender bag in linen is made to order in hand-waxed cream canvas with either caramel leather or coal-coloured leather handles and base. And because we’re so out of practice, opting to have your initials monogrammed on the bottom is an excellent way to ensure you remember to take your bag with you, too.

Available online at Lover Fighter.

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May 13, 2021