Tommy Hilfiger TH Flex Rafael Nadal Edition

The way you move.

There is perhaps no more intrinsically male-defining outfit than the suit. It expresses prestige, sophistication, a sense of worth. Indeed, a suit is about how it makes the man feel: powerful; handsome; brave. It has to propel him and move with him.

In celebration of the ways a suit can form to a man, Tommy Hilfiger has released a top-seed capsule collection that combines fine American tailoring with performance fabric. The TH Flex Rafael Nadal Edition is, as its name suggests, inspired by the brand’s global ambassador, international Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal. An athlete who has won the French Open a record-setting nine times, Nadal needed a suit that was both sleek and comfortable—and as high-performance as his game. Stemming from that, the TH Flex is a suit with a grip for the private jet, the breakfast meeting, and the cocktail bar.

The exclusive serving of single- and double-breasted suits is made of Italian fabrics that provide stretch while staying resistant to creasing and over-stretching. The Rafael Nadal Suit, made from a blend of virgin wool, even has textured interior lining reminiscent of a tennis net. Also among the smash selection are six limited-edition shirts, as well as a silk tie in Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic Americana navy, red, and white.

It’s a mixture made for the modern man: a luxurious and sharp success story powered by relentless work and perseverance. And that, surely, is an ace.


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Post Date:

March 21, 2016