Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Perfect fit.

“Comfortable” isn’t generally the first word used to describe high-performance sports cars. It’s certainly not as sexy as calling a vehicle sleek or innovative. Though a bit prudish, it’s an essential element to a luxury item. What good is a Christian Louboutin stiletto if you can’t wear it to the wee hours of the morning?

It certainly wasn’t the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue when the all new Ferrari GTC4Lusso was recently revealed at Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver’s event at The Westin Bayshore. But the minute guests slipped into the driver’s seat, it was Cinderella’s slipper—a perfect fit. The name references the 330 GTC and the 330 GT, where the car traces its legacy to. Inside the slick, slight fastback body are four seats, making it perhaps the coolest family car imaginable.

Designed for city driving and city life, it’s being touted as an everyday kind of Ferrari—yet with a 12-cylinder engine with 690 constant velocity at 8,000 revolutions per minute and a max torque of 697 at 5,750 revolutions per minute, it’s far from your average commuter car. The model is also perfectly primed for trips into the country, where the Ferrari patented 4RM Evo paired with iteration 4.0 of Slip Slide Control can take it from the slick winding coastal highway on Vancouver Island to the snowy Sea to Sky en route to Whistler. As comfortable in the city as it is in the country, it’s almost like the GTC4Lusso was made for the West Coast.

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Post Date:

September 26, 2016