The BMW i3

Humming along.

The first thing you notice about the BMW i3 is the absolute absence of engine noise. In fact, you have to look at the dashboard instrument panel to even know if the engine is on or off. BMW has really paid attention to making this silence golden, wrapping the electric engine with an ultra-safe, predominantly carbon-fibre chassis and body, and a cabin that creates the illusion of having much, much more space than it actually has.

That electric engine is no slouch on the road, either. The vehicle has great road feel, an unbelievably tight turning radius, and acceleration that leaves nothing to the imagination. If this is the future of urban private passenger transit, give us plenty more of it. Great creature comforts, nice colour options, some pretty attractive GPS features including flags for all available recharging stations in the area, plus some great option packages, put this car right at the forefront of electric vehicle prowess. Home charging units available, too. Giddy up.


Post Date:

May 13, 2015