These Durable Suitcases are Designed in Vancouver

What’s your definition of an exceptional suitcase? Is it durable? Made with premium materials? Attractive design? Affordable? Canadian company Monos is aiming to disrupt the lifestyle and travel industry with thoughtfully designed suitcases that are built to last.

Taking its name from the Japanese concept mono no aware, or the bittersweet realization of the impermanence of all things, Monos emphasizes beauty and function. From their Vancouver studio, co-founders Hubert Chan, Victor Tam, and Daniel Shin examined the individual elements behind a well-designed suitcase and incorporated their values of quality, sustainability, and affordability. The result is a three-product line tailored for travel.

Monos suitcases

Each Monos suitcase features a lightweight shell made from aerospace-grade Makrolon polycarbonate sourced from Germany. Due to its flexibility, this material can absorb impact while retaining its shape. For the wheels, Monos tapped Japanese manufacturer Hinomoto for its gold-standard casters to ensure a quiet, 360-degree glide between gates. Elevated touches include an ergonomic telescopic handle, a TSA-approved lock, and an interior made with durable, waterproof anti-microbial fabric.

Manufactured by Chinese factories that share the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability, these suitcases undergo 40 rigorous tests, ranging from mileage (being dragged 32 kilometres on a specialized treadmill) to falls (being repeatedly dropped and jerked by the telescopic handle 300 times). If one of your greatest fears while travelling is seeing your suitcase enter the baggage claim area dented, cracked, or worse, devoid of your precious belongings, Monos is hoping their luggage will put those worries to rest.

Available exclusively online, the Monos product line currently includes the Carry-On, the Carry-On Plus (slightly larger and may be checked on smaller planes), and the Check-In. With a lifetime limited warranty and a 100-day trial, this luggage is designed to go far.

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Post Date:

September 30, 2019