“The Art of the Airport”

Before boarding.

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Airports are, by nature, places of transition, meant to house passengers for the brief periods between security and flight. But that does not mean they shouldn’t be beautiful. In the same way that art is becoming more prevalent in airports, the buildings themselves are being created with a more thoughtful and considered approach to architecture and design. They are no longer just about the duty-free.

Celebrating some of the globe’s best airports is a new book, The Art of the Airport, The World’s Most Beautiful Terminals by Alexander Gutzmer, Laura Fromberg, and Stefan Eiselin. Showing photographs of airports located in countries including Tibet, Morocco, Saudi-Arabia, Japan, and Uruguay, the book shows that beauty can be, and should be, everywhere. We must pay the same attention to our in-between places as we do our final stops.

Published by Quatro Publishing USA’s Frances Lincoln Limited, The Art of the Airport also features interviews with insiders, as well as the histories of some of the airports, and even engineering plans and sketches that dig deeper into the mechanics of air travel. Like the cities they act as portals for, these airports become destinations in their own right.

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Post Date:

December 22, 2016