The THoO perfume collection is hand-painted in Italy. Courtesy of The House of Oud.

12 Unique Gifts for Discerning Christmas Shoppers in Vancouver

1. Miigizi x Pendleton Grandmother Story Wool Blanket

Miigizi x Pendleton Grandmother Story Wool Blanket

Courtesy of Holt Renfrew.

With the Miigizi x Pendleton Grandmother Story wool blanket, Indigenous-owned Manitobah Mukluks partners with Canadian artist Nyle “Miigizi” Johnston to produce a limited-edition woven Pendleton blanket. In collaboration with TakingITGlobal’s Connected North Youth Leadership Fund, a portion of proceeds will help fund young Indigenous artists, entrepreneurs and leaders. It’s sold out online but available in store.

2. Tom Dixon Air Diffuser

Air Tom Dixon

Courtesy of Leisure Center.

If you can feel it coming in the air tonight, it’s thanks to industrial designer Tom Dixon’s glass air diffuser.  Find light and crisp pink pepper, white tea, Neroli oil, orange flower and white musk all diffused by a charcoal reed that lasts approximately 12 weeks.

3. Tiffany & Co. + AGA Cooker

Tiffany & Co Aga Oven

Courtesy of AGA Ranges.

This bespoke cast-iron AGA Dual Control 3-Oven Cast Iron Range has us slavering over a hot stove in all its Tiffany Blue enamel glory. With only one in production, it’s the perfect gift for the foodie who has it all. Included is an assortment of Tiffany tableware, flatware and crystal glassware.

4. Obakki x Amy Dov Wall Hanging

Amy Dov obakki foundation

Courtesy of Obakki Foundation.

There’s tribal influence in L.A.-based ceramist Amy Dov’s rustic wall hangings, which evoke the nature of Africa in clay and linen. All proceeds from the sale of these art pieces support economic initiatives for the women of Bidi Bidi, Uganda, one of the world’s largest refugee resettlement areas.

5. Hedgehog Carbon Umbrella

Hedgehog Umbrella

Courtesy of Hedgehog.

The landfill is littered with so many broken umbrellas (an average of 2.4 discarded per commuter each year) that the scrap metal detritus alone is enough to build 25 Eiffel towers. Vancouver-based Hedgehog Umbrella’s Carbon umbrella blends automotive technology (its wind-resistant suspension system means no inside-out canopy) and industrial-grade construction (carbon fibre) to reimagine this west coast essential as lifelong hardware with interchangeable canopy.

6. Michele Quan Pottery

Michele Quan Pottery

Courtesy of Michele Quan Pottery.

New York City-based artist and former Vancouverite Michele Quan designs and sculpts ceramic art and objects for the home and garden. Rooted in the visual symbols of Eastern iconography, her hand-drawn images find inspiration in the writings and teachings of Buddhism yet are all expressed in a strikingly modern way.

7. Mala the Brand Candles

Mala the Brand candles

Courtesy of Mala the Brand.

For every candle that Vancouver-based Mala the Brand sells, a tree in North America gets planted. Each hand-poured soy candle features a wood/cotton wick, and is fully phthalate-free and biodegradable, and its packaging is recyclable. The citrus, berry and lemon scent of Cereal may smell like Fruit Loops, but it’s 100 per cent natural and zero calories.

8. Lyle XOX: Head of Design Book by Rizzoli

Lyle XOX: Head of Design Book by Rizzoli

Courtesy of Rizzoli.

Right smack at the intersection of high-brow and low-brow lies Canadian makeup and mixed-media artist Lyle Reimer. His 150,000 Instagram followers all tune in faithfully to experience his self-portrait personas, which fuse facial sculpture, makeup and found objects all set against entertaining fictional backstories. His debut book published by Rizzoli, Lyle XOX: Head of Design, showcases some of his best looks where quotidian objects—soy sauce packets, bleached turkey bones—all form exquisite facial art.

Visit Inform Interiors Thursday, December 12 for the widely anticipated launch of Lyle XOX: Head of Design.

9. Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy Device

Theragun 24K Gold Edition G3PRO

Courtesy of Theragun.

For sore muscles, there’s ibuprofen, Tiger Balm and the Theragun G3PRO Percussive Therapy device, aimed at releasing knots and spasms, improving muscle strength and flexibility, and just generally speeding up your recovery post-workout. Made with solid gold detailing and laser-engraved with its own serial number (only 999 are in existence), this sleek tool delivers deep muscle treatments with up to 60 pounds of force with an industrial-grade Japanese motor.

10. THoO Perfume

THoO Perfume The House of Oud

Courtesy of Secret Location.

The House of Oud—a collaboration between an Italian master perfumer and manufacturer of Oud in Jakarta—introduces THoO, a collection of 75-ml perfumes each hand-painted by master craftsmen in Italy. Earthy notes of coriander, vetiver, and pink-pepper lay the base while tangy grapefruit ties it all together in stunning collectible bottles.

11. Lighter by Baobab

Courtesy of Atkinsons of Vancouver.

Somewhere between utilitarian and objet d’art lies the black leather lighter by Baobab, where your standard-issue candle lighter goes upscale all wrapped in full-grain black leather. This butane jet lighter makes lighting large candles a breeze.

12. Gelato 101 Class

Uno Gelato 101 class

Courtesy of Uno Gelato.

Every Thursday evening until spring, Uno Gelato offers an intimate 1.5-hour gelato-making class to learn the history, science and art of the classic Italian specialty, all with local, fresh ingredients. Sessions in the lab include 10 gelato/sorbetto samples, as well as a take-home pint of your fave flavour. February’s assignment? Chocolate Scotch gelato and Blood Orange sorbetto.

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Post Date:

December 10, 2019