Stelton Collar Collection

I dream of java.

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Waking up on a Saturday morning is easier with the promise of freshly made coffee, the steam rising up as the familiar aroma fills the kitchen. Usually the only tough decision is who will be the one to get up first and make it, and who gets to stay in bed—but a new line from Danish brand Stelton might have you faced with the opposite dilemma.

The Collar collection is a sleek matte black array of coffee tools made of Teflon-coated steel, including a bean grinder with jar, an espresso brewer with oak tree handle, a sugar bowl, and a milk jug. Designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, the Italian duo behind Something, the Collar collection means the entire coffee-making operation can be done on the counter with pride, perhaps even displayed there when not in use.

Stelton, which is sold at Atkinson’s in Vancouver, embodies the quintessential Scandinavian motivation of building pieces that have simplicity but do not sacrifice efficacy. It’s about bringing equal beauty into every aspect of the home.

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Post Date:

September 14, 2016