Valmont’s Gaggia Medio Perfume I

Skin and stone.

As rain falls dramatically upon the penthouse suite at the Loden Hotel in Vancouver, Valérie Garot happily warms up the room with spritzes of Valmont’s provocative Storie Veneziane fragrance collection. Dubbed “olfactive high jewellery,” the beauty assortment from the prestigious Swiss brand features five diverse perfumes inspired by Venice.

Created with the same level of attention to detail as the company’s revered skin care, Storie Veneziane captures the full mystery and splendour of Venice—a place that has been a constant source of stimulation for Valmont founders Didier and Sophie Guillon. “It’s all about walking in Venice and feeling the emotions through different areas,” Garot, marketing director of Valmont North America, says of collection. “It is all about luxury, precious ingredients, and the bottle.” Each bottle, with its hand-blown, three-dimensional Murano glass mask designed by master glass artist Leonardo Cimonlin, is individually crafted, meaning no two are exactly the same.

The majestic Rosso scent is filled with oriental oud and damask rose, and the fresh Alessandrite is equipped with fruity jasmine and sparkling aldehydes, but it is Gaggia Medio Perfume I, a long-lasting aroma enthused by the alleyways of the secluded Venetian district Dorsoduro, that is the most impressive of the group. Bohemian and young at heart, Dorsoduro encourages visitors to explore its narrow passages and embrace the intimacy of its slender alleyways, allowing their skin to touch the walls of history. This is an experience captured in the bottle of Gaggia Medio I, a scent built around amber with a warm, caramel sultriness. “It’s a very comforting scent,” says Amanda Macino, director of training for Valmont North America. “It almost smells like the holidays because of that cardamom.” The spicy cardamom blends beautifully with the carnal musk of sandalwood, creating a unique fragrance that instantly becomes classic upon any vanity.

Both Garot and Macino agree that wandering through Dorsoduro is like exploring a stony labyrinth. The rain may keep falling in Vancouver this winter, but with one dust of Valmont’s Gaggia Medio I, wearers will be transported to beguiling glory of Venice.

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Post Date:

December 23, 2018