Capture Photography Festival


Many months ago, Kim Spencer-Nairn mused about an idea: Vancouver should have its very own photography festival. After all, she said, “our city is full of great photographers, and we should find a way to celebrate that.”  She joined forces with the irrepressible Julie Lee, and together they’re set to launch the first annual Capture Photography Festival.

There has already been a preliminary event, at which photographer Angela Fama parked her 1970s Boler trailer in front of the Acorn, on Main Street, and had a “pop-up studio” session; select photographs from the day’s session will be included in an exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver. The festival itself will feature programming throughout the city, partnering with various galleries and institutions to bring the community’s photographic discourse fully forward.

The Vancouver Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Gallery, Presentation House Gallery, Museum of Vancouver, Satellite Gallery, Bau-Xi Gallery, Equinox Gallery, Douglas Udell Gallery, Gallery Jones, and Winsor Gallery are all participating, with others to be announced soon.

One intriguing feature of the festival is that curator Emmy Lee has invited established photographers to nominate promising, emerging artists in a mutual showcase. Nominating artists include Jeff Wall, Jim Breukelman, Vikky Alexander, Mark Rudewell, and Mark Lewis.

Other features include a “Capture in Transit” set of exhibitions at eight Canada Line stations, and an open-photography competition that offers both amateur and professional photographers an opportunity to have their work on display at the Canada Line’s King Edward station during the festival. A Museum of Vancouver presentation of street photographer Foncie Pulice, in which four contemporary photographers—Lincoln Clarkes, Brian Howell, Angela Fama, and John Goldsmith—will engage in what director Julie Lee calls “an exciting visual discourse with Foncie’s work”.

There’s plenty to be excited about, and the festival runs from October 1 to November 15, 2013.


Post Date:

August 8, 2013