Isabella Rossellini in Vancouver

Iconic actress performs Green Porno.

Isabella Rossellini, daughter of Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, began her professional life as a model, most notably as the face of Lancôme for many years. She entered the acting life, and in only her third film role, as Dorothy Vallens in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, she attained iconic status, and has remained so ever since.

Green Porno, Live on Stage is Rossellini’s provocative and comedic performance that explores the fascinating sex lives of land and sea creatures. It began as a short web series for the Sundance Film Festival channel, Sundance TV, but it proved so popular that Sundance commissioned 18 shows in total, and two mini-sequels as well.

Green Porno features Rossellini live on stage, discussing and acting out the reproductive habits of marine animals and insects, at once both scientifically accurate and extremely entertaining. It is, too, an exploration of life, even human life, in all its strange glory. Rossellini uses props, costumes, and remarkable wit and charm, accompanied by her Green Porno short films. Prepare to be boarded!

Green Porno will be performed on April 25 in a co-presentation of the Italian Cultural Centre (il Centro) and Push Festival.

Photos by Mario del Curto.


Post Date:

Apr 9, 2015