Trench Gallery’s “Monomania II”

Emerging artists.

Craig Sibley and Trench Contemporary Art are presenting Monomania II: Vancouver Emerging, which opened June 20 and runs until August 31. Over 20 professional Vancouver-based artists from a variety of practises and mediums are featured in the exhibition, the second bi-annual instalment of the gallery’s Monomania series. The name, which means an obsession with a single object, concept, or idea, is playfully adapted here to mean an obsession with diversity, apt as the exhibition highlights the astounding array of new talent happening in Vancouver. Sibley calls the exhibition “a barometer of rising local talent.”

The gallery has been transformed into a totalizing art experience, in a salon style. Each work and each artist brings unique qualities, but the overall impact is of inclusion and collaboration. The gallery is covered floor to ceiling with colourful, cheeky, and unexpected pieces.

Artists exhibited include: Ali Ahadi, Natalie Tan, Mike Bourscheid, Hyung Min Yoon, Janice Wu, Ed Spence, Adrienne Rempel, Gabriel Dubois, DRIL, Evan Broens, Monika Loevenmark, Rebecca Donald, Anna Wood, Jen Aitken, Tonik Wojtyra, Karen Lam, Sarah Gee Miller, Michael Jones, Shelly Penfold, Sean Mills, Lauren Marsden, Eric Lowe, Maya Beaudry, Patrick Cruz, Tristan Unrau, Kuh Del Rosario, and Corey Bulpitt.

See it for yourself; the opening reception is tonight, July 4, from 6:00–9:00 p.m.


Post Date:

July 4, 2013