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Between sheet masks, derma-rolling, and the 10-step Korean skin care regimen, beauty has come a long way in recent decades. In fact, it was only a century ago that women relied on cold cream for all their skin troubles, from cleansing and removing makeup to moisturizing; there was nothing to treat individual issues such as acute acne and signs of aging. Then, in 1927, one Hungarian dermatologist changed the way the industry thought about skin.

“Dr. Erno Laszlo was really ahead of his time,” explains Kristy Watson, chief marketing officer for the luxury brand named after its innovative founder. Inside Holt Renfrew Vancouver ’s Apartment private shopping suite, Watson outlines Laszlo’s ground-breaking history in the world of beauty. “A lot of what’s trending, whether it’s ritual skin care, multi-stuff skin care, the double cleansing, masking—we’ve had a little bit of that in our range for 80 to 90 years.”

Starting his own institute for scientific cosmetology in 1927, Laszlo was the first to introduce personalized skin care routines to match his clients’ needs, and the first to propose the concept of double cleansing. His ingenuity and trailblazing spirit earned him great success across Europe and the United States, and on New York City’s Fifth Avenue he established a members-only establishment for treating famous faces including Jacqueline Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, and Katharine Hepburn. Although the institute closed in 2017, Laszlo’s legacy lives on with his company’s inventive ritual-based skin care products.

For fall 2018, Erno Laszlo advances its signature double cleansing method with the Pore Refining Detox Double Cleanse. Designed for morning and evening, this pump-activated gel cleanser features black charcoal capsules that release detoxifying cleansing oils, drawing out impurities for a thorough clean. A tip: concentrate on congested areas like the nose and t-zone to improve the overall look of pores.

If hydration is a main concern, the Hydra-Therapy line works best to boost the skin’s ability to hold moisture. For this writer’s dehydrated skin, the Hydra-Therapy Foaming Cleanse was a refreshing step in the routine; a creamy lather containing shea butter, marula oil (a healing ingredient known for its deeply hydrating benefits), and a blend of rice and pomegranate counteracts the signs of aging. After toning, the Hydra-Therapy Boost Serum aims to bolster hydration with its combination of Babassu Seed Oil (a hydrating emollient found in the Amazon rainforest), sea fennel, and papyrus leaf extract. Applied over the face and neck, this oil-serum hybrid should be tapped into the skin for hydration that lasts throughout the day.

For the finishing touch, Erno Laszlo’s bestselling Firmarine Moisturizer with SPF 30 combines UV protection with a rich, bioactive cream to nourish and rejuvenate. Made from natural ingredients including Spirulina maxima and jojoba seed oil, the multitasking product can be quickly layered on before heading out the door or going to bed. For an added dose of self-care, the Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask is a 10-minute wonder that brightens puffy and strained faces. Applied directly under the eyes, the translucent patch is instantly cooling yet gentle, working its key ingredients of Vitamin B3 (a natural illuminator), and gotu kola (an anti-inflammatory product that improves circulation) to leave complexions looking energized and luminous.

If seeking in-person experience, Erno Laszlo offers facials every Thursday at its Holt Renfrew Vancouver counter. Inside a private treatment room, a dedicated facialist will provide a thorough examination of the skin, identifying each client’s skin type and then tailoring a custom facial treatment to address those concerns. Because everyone’s face is unique and skin evolves over time, each appointment made here will be different from the last.

There is a lot of advice to heed and product to consider when it comes to modern-day skin care. If there is one takeaway from Erno Laszlo, though, it should be that the key to beautiful skin is not the same for everyone—rather it’s a unique, systematic ritual that is special to every individual. All that is required is for each of us to spend some time discovering it.

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August 23, 2018