Nuori Skin Care

Fresh squeeze.

Between a carton of grocery store orange juice and the freshly-squeezed, organic stuff, it’s a no-brainer what the healthier option is. Copenhagen-based skin care brand Nuori is hoping to tap into some of that simple logic with whole, nourishing, real ingredients. Certainly, this juice is not from concentrate.

Most beauty products are made with a shelf life of two-and-a-half years, meaning the ingredients are processed, and vitamins (notably A, C, and E) start to lose their potency. For Nuori, there’s a simple way around this problem: expiration dates. Just like other perishable items, each Nuori product comes with a start-use date (that tells you when the product was made) and an expiry date (six months from start-use). Bottles are sized appropriately so that each item, when used as directed, lasts for the intended half-year.

The entire range is made in small batches in Denmark every 12 weeks, and is free of any additives or preservatives. Instead, the company uses all-natural ways to protect the product: air-sealed packaging keeps bacteria out, and the signature scent is a blend of citrus and vanilla (vanilla contains anti-bacterial properties). The line includes the basics, such as a foaming cream cleanser (that can double as a mask), a lip treatment, and a facial oil, as well as hand cream, body oil, and body balm. The entire range is now available in Vancouver at Gravitypope and in Richmond at Green & Pure. Fresh-squeezed for a fresh face, it couldn’t be juicier.

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Post Date:

May 17, 2017