Earth Day

Celebrating our planet.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Both a celebration of our planet—and a reminder that we still have far to go—is Earth Day, an annual day of awareness on April 22. After all, we must remember that we nurture Mother Earth not just to improve life for ourselves, but to create a better world for those who come after us. To commemorate the day, we take a look back at companies, people, and projects doing their part, big or small, pushing toward positive change.

The Vancouver Aquarium puts an emphasis on the conservation of our world’s oceans and marine life through adoption programs, research, shoreline cleanups, animal protection and rehabilitation, and education. It extends its reach to seafood that has been harvested sustainably and responsibly with the Ocean Wise stamp of approval—the little blue sticker acts as a sign that we can have our fish and eat it, too.

On the farming front, Vancouver’s urban farms are hyper-local, creating the smallest possible gap between harvest and meal, utilizing often derelict or forgotten corners of a metropolitan city. Urban Digs Farm combats our growing food waste problem by feeding its carbon positive pigs discarded produce and grains that would otherwise be thrown out.

Aside from producing high-quality vino, Burrowing Owl Winery works hard to protect its namesake, the endangered burrowing owl, by fundraising, donating, and providing facilities for the Burrowing Owl Conservation Society of B.C.

The age-old adage of creating something from nothing is put to use at Union Wood & Supply Company, which salvages wood and canvas, and repurposing them into beautiful, usable objects, from cheese boards to desks. Michael Green Architecture builds using, primarily, brick and Cross Laminated Timber in a sustainable, long-term way. The idea is to erect structures that are tall, light, and earthquake-resistant.

Today, a toast to Mother Earth, and to the initiatives that keep her alive.

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Post Date:

April 22, 2015