Generation Stressed

Tools to overcome anxiety.

Registered clinical counsellor; author; mother of two; educator; and director of CHI Kids; Michele Kambolis has spent a lot of time treating young people. A key fact that has emerged from all her clinical work is that kids today do indeed suffer more from what is generally termed “stress” than ever before.

In her new book, Generation Stressed: Play-Based Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Kambolis offers plenty of insight and some likely reasons for this epidemic of youthful stress. But most of all, she provides a whole lot of accessible, experience-based tools, working solutions geared towards creating an actively healthy mental, emotional, and physical life for today’s youngsters. The book is primarily written for their parents, of course, whose task it is to help their kids develop into fully formed adults themselves.

The book includes a section titled “The Play-Based Toolbox”, in itself an invaluable and practical set of ways to encourage health and wellness. Part guidebook, part clinical insight, all compassion and ultimately just plain useful information, Generation Stressed is an ideal companion for any parent looking for some answers in an age where answers seem to be at once everywhere and nowhere.


Post Date:

August 20, 2014