Kits Beach in 1889. Courtesy of the City of Vancouver Archives.

Our 3 Most-Read Hidden Vancouver Stories from 2019

From forgotten venues to fallen stars, here are our top three Hidden Vancouver stories of the year.

Vancouver’s Forgotten Nightlife Haunts

Vancouver’s Forgotten Nightlife Haunts

Oscar’s Steakhouse, 1955. Courtesy of the City of Vancouver Archives.

Vancouver was once a parade of colourful proprietors, wild stunts, and happening venues. From Isy’s Supper Club to Oscar’s Steakhouse and more, here’s a look back at some of the now-vanished venues that made our city shine.

60 Years Ago, Errol Flynn’s Wicked Ways Ended in Vancouver

MOVIE PHOTO The Big Boodle 8x10 Promo still- Rossana Rory- Errol Flynn- FN

Rossana Rory and Errol Flynn in The Big Boodle. Promotional still.

October marked the 60th anniversary of a macabre piece of Vancouver history, made quietly in the bedroom of a West End apartment, where Hollywood swashbuckling star Errol Flynn took his last breath.

The Hidden History of Kitsilano Beach

Kits Beach 1900. City of Vancouver Archives.

Kits Beach in 1900. City of Vancouver Archives.

The development of Kitsilano Beach follows a series of land grabs by the largest corporation in the country at the time, the Canadian Pacific Railway, as it pushed the Squamish inhabitants of Snauq, and some other local families, out of its way.

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December 27, 2019