Baker x Jean-Louis Deniot

Made to live in.

Collaborations between designers and large furniture companies are not new under the sun, but in the case of Baker Furniture and Jean-Louis Deniot, it is not just one or two pieces—an entire collection has arrived. Deniot is based in Paris, where he has completed several projects, all the while doing work in Monaco, Beverly Hills, Capri, and New Delhi, among other places. Baker saw the potential in an extensive, complete collaboration, and Deniot has delivered, in his unique style, all clean lines and muted grays and silvers, with a clear emphasis on elegant comfort. “Part of our heritage has always been to be on the forefront, working with cutting-edge designers,” says Gregory Heller, Baker’s vice-president of product development. The brand is in fact owned by Kohler, itself a design-forward company, but, Heller says, they “do everything here through the Baker lens.”

Denoit and Baker make a natural partnership, and the fruits of their labour can be ordered through Brougham Interiors in Vancouver. “We challenged him, and he pushed us as well,” says Heller. “It is a kind of creative dance, a collaborative process. Jean-Louis is steeped in art history, and has such deep classical knowledge, but his ethos is fully informed by modern design. This results in a unique synergy, and the new collection is fully informed by that.” Heller emphasizes that Denoit “understands North American comfort, so we have furniture that looks stunning but is really made to live in.” A perfect harmony.

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Post Date:

July 8, 2016