Chateau Versailles Luxury Design Centre

Rooms with a view.

The Chateau Versailles Luxury Design Centre has one of the most dramatic, panoramic views of downtown Vancouver. It is located in a small retail and residential area near West Vancouver’s Cypress Bowl, in a space beautifully transforming the former restaurant Fraiche into a design wonderland, where scenic tranquility emphasizes the beautiful objects that inhabit the various spacious rooms.

This is both a design boutique, complete with a fully curated staging centre, and a retail space, offering items that the five founders have sourced from pretty much everywhere in the world, with many exclusive, unique pieces. From floor lamps and sconces to sofas and coffee tables, the products available here have a wide range of appeal. Client services extend to every possible element of interior design, both residential and commercial. And three of the founders, Sonia Mahboub, Nahal Baniadam, and Zara Sarpoushan, all professional designers, are on hand to lead the design and staging teams.

There is also a membership club, which provides design professionals with a quiet, luxurious lounge space where they can conduct business in private. Meetings, client presentations, and events can take place in one of the loveliest settings in the region. Augmenting all of this is a café, which makes gourmet paninis, salads, and soups fresh in-house each day. Pastries come from Thomas Haas, so you know you are getting the very finest. Coffees and teas round out the menu.

Chateau Versailles breaks new ground in luxury interior design, offering expert professional services, and empowering clients with their own tools as well. You can see ideas in action, and explore rare, often exotic, unique accessories and furniture. At the end of the day, no idea is left unexplored.

And that view!

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Post Date:

September 1, 2017