Design in Vancouver

Inside and out.

Recently Vancouver was a hub of design frenzy—Vancouver Design Week and Interior Design Show West brought the best of architecture, graphics, interiors, and industrial design.

We took the Modern Home Tour on a Saturday afternoon, finding sustainable infrastructure; windows that slid aside, extending living spaces outdoors; impressive pool houses; and stairs that led through a skylight door to the roof, offering sweeping views of the city. White space let our eyes rest, while exposed beams and creative walkways made good use of space, line, and form.

At IDS West we partied at shed with Caesarstone Canada and local design duo Falken Reynolds, sat with Marie Khouri for a chat next to her planters in her new “bbl” chairs, observed glowing resin pieces by Martha Sturdy, and made mental notes to check back with Paloform on the “Caldera 48” steel firebowl prototype. Items from Asher Israelow, Martin T Byers, Hinterland, and Volk Furniture piqued our interest; ones to watch.


Post Date:

October 1, 2014