Fendi Casa and Bentley Home in Vancouver

Closet to couch.

The blue velvet sofa is hard to miss.

Curving into a half-circle and sitting pretty at the entrance to the new Major Interiors showroom on West Pender, the piece—large, loud, luxurious—is carefully decorated with matching pillows that are embroidered with giant Fs. F, in this case, being for Fendi.

The Italian fashion brand has operated its furniture and decor arm, Fendi Casa, since 1987. The concept is simple: if you love Fendi in your closet, why wouldn’t you love it in the rest of your home? It’s a sentiment agreed upon by many iconic high-end brands, from Gucci to Hermes to Armani.

But back to the couch.

Styled with a set of three different-sized circular glass tables and a pair of cream-coloured oversized armchairs, the couch makes a serious statement: opulence lives here, and lives very well indeed.

Opened by Major Interiors (also behind Vancouver’s Versace Home store), the showroom features an array of Fendi Casa products, most of which can be easily customized based on fabric style, texture, and colour. From dressers, to throw pillows, to bed frames, the pieces echo the stars of Fendi’s runway collections, truly bringing a bit of fashion into the living room or den.

Fendi Casa products are made in Italy by Luxury Living Group, which is also responsible for another beloved brand’s decor division: Bentley Home. The British motor vehicle company’s offering of desks and chairs are reminiscent of its front seats, curved and quilted and oh-so suave. A small selection, including a rather notable leather dog bed and matching water dish, are on display at Major Interiors as well.

Whether popping in to browse or to buy, it is tempting to test a few things out—lie back on a couch, recline in an armchair. Envision sitting at a dining room table (that took four men to lift), telling a story to gathered guests. Wine glasses clink in cheers—they’re Versace, of course.

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Post Date:

March 5, 2018