Hayon x Nani


First impressions are never enough. Looking closer reveals not only details, but intimacies, intricacies.

These nuances are where Spanish designer Jaime Hayon excels. At first glance his work is geometric, blurred; closer up, it is evident that these are not mere shapes, but rather characters and caricatures.

In Hayon’s latest piece, a collaboration with Spanish luxury rug company Nanimarquina, time reveals the depiction of hands, fish, turtles, and lips on two fresh designs. Hayon x Nani, as the collection is called, further digs into the artist’s creative universe. Made with a painstaking hand-tufting technique in which a pistol is manually used to create the imagery on the 100 per cent New Zealand wool, the two rugs represent the versatility of Hayon’s talents. Furniture, ceramics, rugs—they all have his whimsical touch.

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Post Date:

September 29, 2017