Minotti Turns 70

Master excellence.

The best kinds of furniture provide more than just places to sit, sleep, and dine—they are focal points of a household, conversation pieces and sparks of inspiration. When well designed and crafted, furniture tells its own story. And Minotti creations definitely have tales to tell.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the family-run Italian furniture company. With a worldwide scope, and as one of the first contemporary, handmade furniture-makers in Italy, there is much to be celebrated.

First, the momentous occasion has been marked with a special anniversary edition of its beloved Albert&Ile collection. As a tribute to the company’s founder, Alberto Minotti, the assortment was originally designed by Gigi Radice back in the 1960s (that version now sits in the Minotti Historical Archives) and is comprised of two parts. The timeless Albert offering draws from the aesthetic of the 1950s, and includes a lounge sofa, angled sofa, armchair, footstool, and Calacatta-marble-topped coffee table, which is 20 millimetres thick. Then there is Ile, comprised of a simple armchair and lounge sofa with cut-out backs available in mohair wool velvet. Essential to any Minotti design are the pristine materials and fabrics, and the Albert&Ile series includes polished gold or pewter tip finishes, accompanied by staple Minotti sartorial tailoring.

The company’s story began in 1948, when Alberto established his first store in post-Second World War Italy in Meda. Found halfway between Como and Milan, the community is now revered as the largest furniture hub in the country—and Minotti has been instrumental to that.

From Alberto, who died in 1991, Minotti was transferred to his two sons, Renato and Roberto, who focused on incorporating technological manufacturing, working alongside architect Rodolfo Dordoni. Now run by a third generation of Minotti family members, the company prides itself on working in a multicultural, digital era under Alessio, Alessandro, and Susanna.

The year 2018 also marks an exceptional period of growth for the brand, as the family has recently renovated the Minotti Studio in Meda; the production facility has expanded threefold, now hosting two floors for warehousing, as well as 14 upholstering sites. And that is not the only expansion the company is focusing on: it continues to further its international architecture and design collaborations as well, such as with architect Marcio Kogan from Brazil; interior architect Christophe Delcourt from France; and interior design firm Nendo from Japan. Furthermore, the company has produced a 38-minute documentary film, titled Minotti Undiscovered | A Matter of Style, to celebrate its anniversary. The behind-the-scenes footage takes a look at the entrepreneurial, artisanal spirit of the family, exploring its dedication to craft, innovation, and quality.

The vision of Minotti has allowed it to flourish worldwide in 63 countries, 34 flagship stores, and over 300 verified retail dealers. Although the Albert&Ile 70th anniversary special collection is not currently available in Vancouver, much of the remaining handcrafted, bold Minotti offering can be admired at Livingspace. Because like all art, this kind is best witnessed in person.

More Design awaits.


Post Date:

December 20, 2018