Porsche Design Tower Miami

Luxury defined.

It looks at first glance like something from Blade Runner, an apparent optical illusion of the highest magnitude. But it is real, and soon to be fully inhabited. It is the elevator shaft and parking bays of the 60-storey Porsche Design Tower Miami, in which cars can be transported to each owner’s residence, and parked there. Grand as it is, this is not the only flourish of extravagance in this building.

The elevator is dubbed The Dezervator, after Gil Dezer, whose idea for it proved to be an extreme but ultimately surmountable technological, engineering, and design challenge. Dezer Signature Brands, itself part of Dezer Development, entered into an agreement with Porsche Design to create this marvel of a building, which is likely to alter the definition of luxury. A Car Concierge is available, as are fabulous clubrooms, an ultra-fine state-of-the-art spa, oversized tubs, and a movie theatre. Virtually all of the residences feature plunge pools and outdoor patio kitchens.

Some details: the building is 197 metres high; has 132 units, of 4,200-17,000 square-feet; and holds three car elevators serving anywhere from two- to four-car garages for each residence. It is the first-ever Porsche Design Tower, and is making a profound statement about high-end living, not only in Miami, but anywhere in the world.

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Post Date:

August 4, 2016