Anciano Wines

A Thanksgiving pairing.

With this year’s turkey, there are plenty of wine options: Alsatian whites, a bright Beaujolais, Sancerre, something in the line of a chenin blanc from South Africa. But, for the price, you might be surprised, nay, shocked, at what is in these bottles of Spanish red. They have been aged before release, one for seven years, the other for 10, so there is a richness, but also a bit of softness on the attack and mid-palate that make these almost ideal for that roast turkey with all the accoutrements. And for the vegetarians out there, why not try a parsnip and pumpkin lasagna? With or without the turkey, it’s just fine, and the wines are a match all the way. The Anciano Tempranillo Gran Reserva, aged seven years: $12.99; aged 10 years: $15.99. So you can have one of each.



Post Date:

October 11, 2013