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Ruler of the Lowlands.

This May we join in Scotlands Whisky Month celebrations with Scotch whisky recommendations from Bittered Sling co-founder Lauren Mote.

As one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, Auchentoshan is every bit what you’d expect, producing precious and delicate liquor, sweet and special, and rooted in the culture and tradition of award-winning single malts.

What you wouldn’t expect, however, is this 215-year-old company to be the hip kid on the block, sponsoring art events and innovative and world-renowned mixology competitions, and staffed with super-colourful worldwide educators and representatives, all while invoking that certain Glaswegian charm.

This whisky’s brand image is not about pairing the perfect dram with a cigar (although they’ve won that category too), but rather about blending community, culture, art, and social time. Now that’s a reason to drink together.

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Photo by Robert Orr via Flickr.  


Post Date:

May 6, 2015