Belgard Kitchen’s Craft Caesar

Reinventing a classic.

MONTECRISTO invited some of the country’s best bartenders and mix masters to share their unique spins on a quintessential Canadian drink, using Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix.

As partner/executive chef of Vancouver’s Belgard Kitchen, I love incorporating food and liquor. Our business holds a Manufacturers License, which is a very unique and rare license in Vancouver. Because of this, we can only sell beer and wine made on-site. Not being able to serve vodka pushed us to be creative with our Walter Belgard Caesar; once our Postmark Brewing Pilsner, brewed on site, was ready to pour on-tap, we found the perfect concoction for our specialty brunch beverage.


Postmark Brewing Pilsner

Walter All-Natural Craft Caesar Mix Well Spiced

Argentinian spiced rim (our specialty spice made in house)

Grilled asparagus wrapped with speck

Fresh lemon or lime (guest preference)

Dash of Tabasco/Worcestershire (to taste)


Cold rinse 20 oz. pint glass

Rim with Argentinian spice

Fill to rim with ice

Fill half way with pilsner

Top with Walter

Garnish with grilled speck and asparagus

Garnish with lemon/lime and spice to taste

Place prepared Walter Belgard Caesar on the table

Drink, repeat, repeat

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Post Date:

July 13, 2015