Chayee Bourras Rosado, Clasico, and Bonarda Reserva

The wine.

Chayee Bourras is an Argentine winery, using only bonarda grapes in its production. It is a family affair, has been all along, although the current owners actually live in Mill Bay, on Vancouver Island. The overall commitment to quality is apparent in all three of their bottlings. There is an off-dry Rosado ($25), best served well chilled, and a great accompaniment to virtually any array of appetizers you decide to put out for the evening. The Clasico ($27) is round, fulsome, really generous, with dark plum flavours and some nice red berry notes.

The Bonarda Reserva ($44) is dark, intense wine, bursting with dark berry fruit, some tobacco, and even a hint of eucalyptus. A marvelous companion for a roast leg of lamb, all laced with garlic and rosemary. The last glass of the bottle will serve you well as you observe the Canucks working their way through their next extended road trip.

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Post Date:

October 21, 2015