Photo by Steven Guzzardi via Flickr.

Highland Park

Storm chaser.  

On the northerly coastline of Scotland, past the rolling green hills and fields of golden grasses, the roar of the ocean pulls you in and you feel like you’re getting closer to the edge of the world. Among the chiseled red sandstone cliffs and salty air stands the Highland Park distillery, tall and proud as it effortlessly defines the landscape of Kirkwall, the largest town and capital of the Orkney Islands. Despite its blustery location, the 217-year-old distillery boasts some of the most well-rounded whiskies—the classic style presents a perfect balance of peated barley to naked barley (about 80 per cent is not peated). Sipping a dram of 1964 Highland Park while a storm whistles against the walls is something everyone should experience.

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Photo by Steven Guzzardi via Flickr.


Post Date:

May 13, 2015