Juniper Bar’s Pina Faux-Lada

Drink up.

The heart of Juniper Kitchen and Bar is the glowing copper backsplash in front of which the bar team works its cocktail alchemy. The space’s copper hardware details, bright white accents, and dusky tiling recall the atmosphere of a distillery tasting lounge. Offering the best of local ingredients in both dishes and drinks inspired by the Pacific Northwest, Juniper’s heart is close to home. At the bar, not much stands between the guests and the mixologists as they dip into jars of rose buds, orange twists, and lime wheels: the final touches of Juniper’s craft cocktails. Here, a recipe ideal for sipping while lounging on the deck or strewn across the grass.

Pina Faux-Lada

Perfect for the beach-bound or those dreaming of palm trees and white sand, the Pina Faux-Lada is Juniper’s take on the classic tropical vacation cocktail. The drink’s base is a house-made coconut rum—just one of the mixers that the staff creates by hand at the bar. The Pina Faux-Lada is made bright blue with curacao syrup, and overflows with tiny ice cubes that marble like the surface of a swimming pool in sunlight.


45ml house-made coconut rum*
15ml Sons of Vancouver Amaretto
30ml fresh lime
45ml pineapple juice
30ml coconut cream
5ml Wray and Nephew rum
15ml Giffard Blue curacao syrup


Shake ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker.

Fill a pilsner-style glass with crushed ice.

Strain into the glass with ice.

Garnish with a lime wheel, cherry, and sprig of mint.

Serve immediately.

*Juniper’s House-made coconut rum


1x 750ml bottle Havana Club 3 Year
1x can pineapple chunks with juice
500g toasted coconut


Sous vide for 45 min at 130 degrees.

Let cool and strain out solids.

Pour strained rum into a glass bottle and store in fridge.


Enjoy with friends, and plot your next adventure.

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Post Date:

August 4, 2016