Le Vieux Pin Ava

The wine.

Le Vieux Pin is ideally situated in the South Okanagan, to grow and ripen its justifiably admired syrah and merlot grapes. But, after a full 10 years in operation, the team is not content to sit on laurels, and thus continues to develop new ideas, new wines, as they go: carefully, thoughtfully, and almost always with great results.

A prime example of this is the Rhône-varietal white wine called Ava ($35). The 2012 vintage is still in stores, but expect the 2013 soon. The new 2013 vintage is a blend of 61 per cent viognier, 21 per cent roussanne, and 18 per cent marsanne. In this, its third vintage, Ava is showing all kinds of class, with ample honeysuckle, pear, and peach notes, all in a fairly full-bodied package laced with great acidity and balance. It is slightly reminiscent of a higher quality Rhône white, but shows a lot of local terroir qualities, particularly the aromatic, floral elements which balance the viscosity very well, and make it unique. A splendid choice if you want another turkey dinner sometime soon.

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Post Date:

November 25, 2015