Main Street Farmers Market

All aboard for local foods.

Sitting serenely across the street from the iconic train station at Main and Terminal, every Wednesday afternoon, is the Main Street edition of the Vancouver Farmers Markets. The Lower Mainland has a burgeoning farmer’s market culture, but this is one of the few open mid-week. That’s why you are likely to find a chef or three musing and perusing the abundance of local fresh food.

Fava beans, beets, radishes, beans green and yellow, heirloom tomatoes (though you better get there early if you want them), fennel bulbs, potatoes. There is bread, spice, and, nearby restaurant Campagnolo runs a “pasta by donation” table, at which you can get some wonderful fresh pasta and help fund Thunderbird Elementary School’s breakfast program into the bargain.

It is a little market than can. And does. You won’t be disappointed if you find yourself dropping in Wednesday afternoons for that night’s dinner ingredients. Or, just go over to Campagnolo, where they cook a dish each Wednesday based on the Market’s provenance.


Post Date:

July 24, 2013