Parched Penguin

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Whether it be an end of day respite, a great pairing with dinner, or just a drink to appreciate an exceptional single malt whisky, Parched Penguin is out to make “the art of drinking” as enjoyable as it can be. “There are so many options to tailor your own bar through Parched Penguin, piece by piece,” says owner Danny Atkinson. “It’s really about acquiring quality pieces that you can use for the long haul to enrich your experience at home.” Atkinson is no stranger to the world of fine barware—his father and mother opened Atkinson’s nearly three decades ago—and brings to Parched Penguin, literally, a lifetime of experience and expertise.

A fan of dining out, Atkinson swiftly identified a niche in the market and what started as a simple idea quickly snowballed into something bigger. After some research and speaking with industry professionals, including award-winning mixologist David Wolowidnyk of West restaurant, Atkinson began sourcing premier items for his online boutique. Bringing in names such as Baccarat, Saint-Louis—France’s oldest glassware manufacturer, founded in 1586—and Yukiwa, there is something for everyone. “I have an appreciation for a lot of different designs,” Atkinson says of the range of items Parched Penguin carries. “The only real theme is: quality, handmade, and made with some passion.”

When asked what one might need in order to set up the model home bar, Atkinson first suggests a good mixing glass. “It is a must-have for stirred and classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned.” But, perhaps you have a guest with very specific drinking habits, say, shaken, not stirred. “A nice quality cocktail shaker is a must,” Atkinson confirms. “A jigger is also very important to have really consistent drinks. You can have your measures accurately and your cocktails the same as the last.” Lastly, he would finish with an exceptional whisky glass. “You don’t have to have 10. You don’t have to have six. But if you enjoy a particular spirit or wine, it’s nice to have a glass that you can call your own.” And what exactly is the mark of a signature glass? “Something that you love,” says Atkinson. “Something that, when you pick it up, it feels great in your hand.”


Post Date:

June 12, 2014