Richard Hennessy

The finest.

Cognac is known to have one of the most refined distillery practises in the world—and yet, there are always new improvements, and fine adjustments to be made.

Certainly a contender for the rarest and most storied is Hennessy’s Richard Hennessy. A blend of the house’s most rare eaux-de-vie, the bottle is a capsule of 250 years of history from the cognac-maker. The deep-coloured amber sets the tone for the flavours inside: rich, full-bodied nutmeg; date; and soft fennel appear in extraordinary balance. Leather and tobacco leaf come onto the palate, as well—a full experience of what cognac should be.

Presented in a hand-blown crystal carafe with a very fine price of $4,680 in B.C., it’s certainly a beverage for a special occasion, and a special cognac drinker at that.

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Post Date:

July 18, 2017