Sauvignon Blanc of South Africa

The wine.

While it is seriously tempting to simply drink chenin blanc from South Africa eight days a week, there are some pretty, aromatic sauvignon blanc bottles at great prices available, too. One such example is Two Oceans ($10). The two oceans in question are the Atlantic and the Indian, and they meet at Africa’s southernmost tip, along the Cape of South Africa. What this all means in the vineyards nearby is important; good heat units during the summer months, and a gradual cooling off in the weeks preceding harvest make for a delicate sauvignon blanc, bursting with tropical fruit and racy acidity. The winemaker notes claim some fig notes, as well, although that is very subtle. Perfect conversation starter as the dinner prep begins.

On the label for The Grinder pinotage ($13.50) is a coffee grinder, and sure enough, there is a surprisingly vivid fresh ground coffee note on the nose of this wine. Pinotage is a hybrid grape, native to South Africa, and is a combination of pinot noir and cinsault. So you have a right to expect some spiciness, and a gamy quality, both of which are in play with The Grinder. There is a hint of barnyard, too: the pinot noir making its case. This wine really deserves to be served alongside good barbecued back ribs, or even a heavily spiced roast lamb. The second bottle will get you through your second viewing of The Waking Dead season finale.


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Post Date:

April 6, 2016