The Chocolate Tasting Kit

Studies in cacao.

To help budding connoisseurs navigate the decadent world of chocolate, Canadian writer Eagranie Yuh, a permanent jury member of the International Chocolate Awards, has created The Chocolate Tasting Kit. After hosting numerous chocolate tasting classes, Yuh found that her guests were leaving, however sated, without something tangible to take home, so she created the playful set of educational items designed and produced by San Francisco’s Chronicle Books. Yuh is well versed in both the art and science behind the bar: she holds a Master’s degree in organic chemistry and attended culinary school, where she specialized in French pastry and artisanal chocolate.

The Tasting Kit includes an informative 48-page booklet with details on how to buy chocolate, what to pair it with, and how to create tasting flights. All of this, however, is foundational. “You have to eat it. Be adventurous. Try new things. It’s the only way to find out what you like,” Yuh says. The kit includes an instruction manual, a 100-sheet notepad for your tasting records, 12 tasting flashcards, and a keepsake envelope for wrappers, a charming addition for sentimentalists—all the necessary ingredients to guide you on your path to chocolate enlightenment, just in time for Easter.

The Chocolate Tasting Kit is available at Amazon and Chapters Indigo.


Post Date:

April 16, 2014