The Juice Truck

Cool press.

Whether it’s to quench a thirst, bring equilibrium to some epicurean overindulgence, or just indulge in a morning pick-me-up, premium cold-pressed juice is on everyone’s lips. This wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t until three years ago that Vancouver had its first cold-pressed juice business. Rolling around town, the city quickly became familiar with the bright pink wagon known as the Juice Truck.

Now, Zach Berman and Ryan Slater have opened the doors to their first permanent storefront with help from friends at design company Glasfurd & Walker (whom they’ve worked with since their start in 2011). The brick and mortar is a glinting example of follow-through branding. Brightly-coloured walls pop in an otherwise spotless white space, original fruit-centric art hangs as a complement, and playful pineapple wallpaper tops it off. Always considering the community, the Juice Truck added a welcoming patio for summer days and an event space to its new location too. “This is the home of what we do. It embodies health and wellness and community,” says Berman. “Here we wanted to promote some of the things we believe in and we wanted to have a space that we could offer the community.”

All of the Juice Truck’s signature menu items, such as the Remedy juice and the Blueberry Matcha smoothie, are offered at the storefront along with an expanded breakfast and lunch menu of healthy plant-based items. With the sprouting in square footage comes a small retail space, which includes a newly launched line of health and wellness products. Items include Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine treatments, supplements, and tinctures. They are currently one of Canada’s only retailers of Pürblack Shilajit, a fully loaded mineral pitch (a natural remedy) found in the Himalayan Mountains, 85 minerals to be exact.

With a full juice bar, breakfast and lunch options, and event space and retail products the new brick and mortar location, much like its menu items, packs a lot of goodness into one place.


Post Date:

August 6, 2014