More than a wine toy.

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More than a wine toy, vSpin is a truly innovative decanting and aeration system.

Invented by the Lower Mainland’s Charn Rai, vSpin is one of few wine gadgets sleek and engaging enough for tableside service in a restaurant. Don’t be surprised if it becomes an essential kitchen appliance and the centrepiece of home soirees.

Observing his wine-loving friends endlessly swirling their glasses as a means of aeration, Rai decided to invent something to speed up the process. “I designed and engineered a clunky prototype, but I needed someone to test and validate it,” the gadget creator says. So he took it to Alistair Veen, an award-winning sommelier. “I asked him to pick a wine to test the prototype,” Rai shares. “After spinning for several minutes, Alistair slapped his palm on his forehead; the wine tasted incredible.”

Knowing he was onto something tremendous, Rai travelled to Manhattan to meet with Riedel, the famed German stemware manufacturer. The Spiegelau (Riedel’s sibling company) managing director was in town and joined the meeting. He was so impressed with the prototype that Spiegelau partnered with Rai, creating a crystal decanter for vSpin; it was the first time in Spiegelau’s nearly 500 years of history that the company had endorsed an outside invention and put its name on it.

It’s a relatively straightforward device; the electronic base holds a small motor with a rotating magnetic coupler. Place the accompanying food-safe magnet into the decanter, pour in the bottle of wine, and turn it on; the spinning magnet creates a vortex within the decanter—an effect similar to swirling a glass. Select a speed and set the timer for two to five minutes, and then be delivered a silkier and less astringent wine.

Pouring a sample of wine before adding the remainder to the decanter is recommended; that way it is easy to taste the difference between the wine straight from the bottle, versus vSpin’s aeration revolution.

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March 7, 2018